The Shameful 36

House Democrats Who Voted to Drill in the ANWR

(We assume that the Republican members simply didn't know any better.)

Joe Baca (CA, 42nd)
Marion Berry (AR, 1st)
Sanford Bishop Jr (GA, 2nd)
Allen Boyd (FL, 2nd)
Robert Brady(PA, 1st)
Brad Carson (OK)
James Clyburn (NC, 6th)
Robert 'Bud' Cramer (AL, 5th)
Cal Dooley (CA, 20th)
Chet Edwards (TX, 11th)
Gene Green (TX, 29th)
Ralph Hall (TX, 4th)
Earl Hilliard (AL, 7th)
William Jefferson (LA, 2nd)
Christopher John (LA, 7th)
Paul Kanjorski (PA, 11th)
Ken Lucas (KY, 4th)
Frank Mascara (PA, 20th)
Alan Mollohan (WV, 1st)
John Murtha (PA, 12th)
James Oberstar (MN, 8th)
Solomon Ortiz (TX, 27th)
Collin Peterson (MN, 7th)
David Phelps (IL, 19th)
Silvestre Reyes (TX, 16th)
Mike Ross (AR, 4th)
Max Sandlin (TX, 1st)
Ronnie Shows (MS, 4th)
Ike Skelton (MO, 4th)
Charlie Stenholm (TX, 17th)
John Tanner (TN, 8th)
Gene Taylor (MS, 5th)
Bennie Thompson (MS, 2nd)
Edolphus Towns (NY, 10th)
James Traficant (OH, 17th)
Jim Turner (TX, 2nd)

Be sure to oppose them in the Democratic primaries next year.

Source: "Hall of Shame: 36 Democrats Give Bush, Big Oil
Green Light To Drill in Alaska Wildlife Refuge"
Common Dreams
2 August 2001

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