Footnotes for Simon Baddeley's review in Issue 21:



3. For example, Transportation For Livable Communities Network (TLCNet), a project of the Conservation Law Foundation.
and of course the Carfree Cities network

4. C6 Final Conference: Town and infrastructure planning for safety and urban quality for pedestrians
Living And Walking In Cities: VIII International Conference in Brescia

5. John J Seaton (2000) "Pedestrian priority planning principles" pp.32-39 in World Transport Policy and Practice, Vol.6, No.2, ISSN 1352-7614 (Follow the Archive link to find Vol.6, No.2.)

6. Eric Britton calls this the "the trickle-up approach to sustainability."
Eric Britton, Le Frene, 8/10 rue Joseph Bara, 75006 Paris, France

7. The Annual report is not posted on the website until the end of August 2001

8. Voula Mega (2001) "Urban Renaissance: enhancing the past inventing the future - drivers and obstacles to innovation and change" The Innovation Journal, 24 July 2001

9. Duncan Minshull (Ed.), The Vintage Book of Walking (Vintage, 2000).

10. Joseph Rykwert, The Seduction of Place: The City in the Twenty-First Century (Pantheon , 2000).

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