Narrow Commercial Streets

Some of the streets in this chapter are as narrow as those in the preceding chapter, but they are of an entirely different character. These streets are all in active neighborhoods with lots of foot traffic. They are at or near the commercial centers of the cities in which they were built. Even so, most of these buildings provide living quarters on the upper stories.

It must be admitted that the distinction between "wide" and "narrow" is somewhat arbitrary; the first street in this chapter is about as wide as the narrowest streets in the "Wide Streets" chapter. We'll just have to live with some degree of ambiguity.

Another difference between these streets and the quiet residential streets we have just seen is that the buildings generally carry more ornamentation.

Of the streets in this chapter that escaped wartime destruction, most probably look much the same today as they did here. Most of the undamaged streets are probably carfree today, thanks to their narrowness and location at the heart of the city.

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