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Internet Sales

Below are Internet stores selling Carfree Design Manual. We establish links to on-line booksellers who stock the book.

Updated 19 October 2009.

USA ($45.00)

The following vendors are shipping:

Amazon USA (usually discounted).

Barnes & Noble USA (usually discounted).

Canada (CDN$49.95)

Amazon Canada (usually discounted).

Indigo Canada (usually discounted).

UK (£29.95)

Amazon UK.

Rest of Europe

Order direct from the publisher, International Books.

Car Busters sells the book with secure payment by credit card. Select "Books: Non-Fiction" at the top of this page: Car Busters' Resources.

You can also order from the major Dutch distributor, (€39.95, claims shipment in two business days. Site in Dutch only.)

Bookstore Sales

It should be possible to order the book from most bookstores in the English-speaking world. Your bookseller can order the book from your national distributor.

If you are a bookseller who stocks the book, please advise by E-mail. We will add you to the list of booksellers who stock the book.

USA & Canada

The book is distributed in North America by IPG. Any bookstore should be able to obtain it.

The Netherlands

The book is distributed through normal retail channels. Any Dutch bookstore can order it now.


No information yet.

Rest of Europe

No information yet.

Rest of World

IPG will also distribute to Australia and New Zealand.


Members of the book trade can order from national distributors.

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