Looking into Plaza Mayor, Madrid, 2005
©2005 J.Crawford

Digital City Photographs


This sub-site of Carfree.com provides access to more than 6000 digital city photographs taken by J.H. Crawford between 2005 and 2006. With few exceptions, these photographs are from Europe. Nearly all photographs were taken in the older and more central parts of cities. A rather primitive Nikon D70 (since replaced) was used to take the photographs. It was equipped with a Nikon 12-24 zoom lens, nearly always used at 12mm.

Photographs can be retrieved either by place or by category, and within each of these classifications by orientation (horizontal/vertical).

These photographs are available for personal use and for use by certain non-profit organizations. See the Terms of Use for details. I would really prefer that you not crop these photographs, but I won't insist on this condition.

View by Place

Place names are indicative, not definitive. A very few may be completely in error. If you absolutely need to know, send mail with the image as an attachment and I'll check it.

View by Category

The subject categories are quite extensive and may seem whimsical, which they are not. Classifications were done very rapidly and are neither complete nor necessarily correct, but they may nonetheless be useful when searching for a suitable image. Many images are classified in slightly conflicting categories, for instance, as both a "Square - Large" and a "Square - Medium"

The larger categories contain only photographs I consider to be of higher quality; the Place listings include all photographs.

Higher-resolution versions of specific images can be made available if you really need them. Furthermore, most of these images were processed very quicklly. Digital processing now allows amazing quality improvements as to resolution, sharpness, tonal range, and other enhancements. Few of these images have benefitted from the full range of improvements that are possible.

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