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Bachar, John M.

World Petroleum Energy Crisis and Fareless Urban Mass Transportation [PDF!]

Buying Time and Solving the Transportation Quagmire at the Same Time

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
California State University, Long Beach
May 2007
Posted to on 2 July 2007

Crawford, J.H. and R.W. Hollier

Energy Future

Nuclear Power, Fossil Fuels, Renewable Energy, Conservation, and Carfree Cities

First published on on 15 June 2005

Crawford, J.H.

A Brief History of Urban Form

Street Layout Through the Ages

First published on
December 2005

Crawford, J.H.

Fuel-Cell Trams

Better, Cheaper, and More Fuel-Efficient Public Transport
2001, revised May 2005
30 May 2005

Crawford, J.H.

Short-Wire Trams

Conventional Trams with
Intermittent Overhead Power Supply
2001, revised May 2005
30 May 2005

Crawford, J.H.

Urban Hazards and Their Mitigation

Posted to on 12 December 2004

Crawford, J.H.

An Idealized Design for Carfree Cities and Its Application in the Real World

International Making Cities Livable conference 34
Alpbach and Salzburg, Austria
15-19 September 2002
Posted to on 27 October 2002

Crawford, J.H.

The Carfree City as a Critical Building Block for Equitable, Sustainable Societies

Alliance for Global Sustainability Conference
San José, Costa Rica
21 March 2002
Posted to on 27 October 2002


City of Bangalore and its approach to 21st Century [PDF!]

Bangalore, India
Posted to on 8 May 2012

Reproduced by kind permission.

Fiddies, Ian and Liv Markström

Get on That Bicycle and Ride: [PDF!]

A Comparison of Methods to Promote Cycling in Three Cities

School of Business, Economics and Law, Göteborg University
Göteborg University, Sweden
Posted to on 13 June 2007

Grammenos, Fanis

Does the Post Office Deliver in Today's Urban Culture [PDF!]

Reproduced by kind permission.
Posted to on 23 April 2013

Grammenos, Fanis

Developer Questions about the Fused Grid [PDF!]

CHMC/SCHL (Canada)

Reproduced by kind permission.
Posted to on 27 April 2011

Matthews, Robert S., MUP

The Production of Sustainable Urban Space:

A Comparative Analysis of Wallingford and the Carfree Reference District

University of Washington
Seattle, Washington
Posted to on 11 May 2007

Perry, Mark

Car Dependency and Culture in Beirut

Effects of an American Transport Paradigm

Lebanese American University
Beirut, Lebanon
November 2000
Posted to on 18 February 2002

Originally published as: Mark Perry, "Car Dependency and Culture in Beirut: Effects of an American Transport Paradigm," Third World Planning Review (University of Liverpool), Vol. 22, No. 4 (November 2000), pp. 395-409. Reproduced by kind permission.

Reeves, François, MD (Interventional Cardiologist)

Environment and Heart Disease [PDF!]

Heart and the city

Université de Montréal
Presented at Hippodrome planning conference
10 December 2012
Posted to on 18 December 2012
Reproduced by kind permission of Dr. Reeves

Wright, Lloyd

Car-Free Development [PDF!]

Division 44: Environment and Infrastructure: Sector Project: "Transport Policy Advice"

Originally published by:
December 2005

This document has been developed under GTZ's Sustainable Urban Transport Project and it part of the Sustainable Urban Transport Sourcebook for Policymakers in Developing Cities. This and all other - at present - 22 modules of the Sourcebook are available from the GTZ SUTP project website at after a quick registration process.

Reproduced by kind permission.

Highly recommended.

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