Bay-Area Sticker Attack

Some vandal apparently living in the San Francisco Bay Area recently pasted hundreds of stickers bearing the web address of onto cars in the area. As of this writing I have few details but quite a pile of irate e-mail. It seems that these were not ordinary stickers but something applied in a way that makes them very difficult to remove without damaging the car. deplors this action, which is highly counterproductive to the goal of generating public support for the carfree movement. was not aware of the plans for this attack and does not know who carried it out. No one but the Editor of, J.H. Crawford, is authorized to speak in the name of, and this attack is entirely unauthorized. The person responsible should cease this activity immediately and make amends to those whose vehicles have been damaged. considers the use of its web address in this manner to be a violation of its copyright and expects an apology from the perpetrator for the considerable inconvenience caused.

J.H. Crawford
2 September 2002


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