Support for was entirely financed by J.H. Crawford until June 2004, when donors were solicited to defray the $600/year cost of hosting. From then until June 2008, contributions kept the site in operation and ad-free. From June 2008 onward, I am again paying the bills. I am very grateful to the many people who kept us going through four lean years.


Those whose generosity kept on line are listed below.

Patron                               Dates of Sponsorship
Tour d'AfriqueApril & May 2008
Carfree Friends (Netherlands)February & March 2008
Dr. Irving RudmanJanuary 2008
Ed BealeOctober, November & December 2007
Trevor Smith and Shelley Marie Webb  September 2007
Earth's General Store (Edmonton) July and August 2007
Bernard DelloyeJune 2007
AnonymousMay 2007
AnonymousApril 2007
Michael Hoag, Village AtJune 2006 through March 2007
AnonymousMay 2006
AnonymousMarch & April 2006
AnonymousJanuary & February 2006
AnonymousMarch & April 2006
Terrence "Lee" ZehrerJuly through December 2005
Luke G.May & June 2005
Michael LyttonFebruary, March & April 2005
James KushnerJanuary 2005
Ulrich NehlsNovember & December 2004
Chris RadcliffOctober 2004
Nathan BanksAugust & September 2004
Scott Roy AtwoodJune & July 2004

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