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Carfree Cities - the web site that goes with the book. Carfree Cities proposes a delightful solution to the vexing problem of urban automobiles.

Author J.H. Crawford's home page, with links to carfree cities, energy, and peace initiatives.

ITDP Institute for Transportation & Development Policy

Free Public Transit Everyone benefits - Everyone pays If public transit were free, more people would use it.

A Prosperous Way Down considers our options in an energy-limited future

World Carfree Network , the hub of the global carfree movement.

James Howard Kunstler has a site about his writing and speaking, mainly on the New Urbanism.

International Making Cities Livable seeks to strengthen community by creating viable public places for social life in our cities will reduce anonymity, and increase grassroots democracy by returning to compact, mixed use cities based on walking, cycling, and public transport.

Detour Publications is a non-profit, on-line bookstore offering many titles on sustainable passenger and freight transport, urban planning, "smart growth," and climate change.

Auto-Free New York works to improve transit, cut car use, and remake streets for people.

Alternatives Journal offers environmental thought, policy, and action embracing current events and timeless issues.

Cyburbia: The Planning and Architecture Internet Resource Center contains a comprehensive directory of Internet resources relevant to planning, architecture, urbanism and other topics related to the built environment. Cyburbia also contains information about architecture and planning related mailing lists and Usenet newsgroups, and hosts several interactive message areas.

The Coalition for Alternative Transportation works to improve mobility.

A to B Magazine is dedicated to demonstrating alternatives to the car - primarily electric bicycles, public transport-friendly folding bikes and bike carraige by rail, bus and air.

EcoPlan International is an independent consulting and advisory group working with business and governments on projects, plans, and problems which are marked by rapid technological or environmental change. Founded in 1967, the work of the group is interdisciplinary and international. Assignments are more oriented to decision support than research per se. Also includes The Commons, a collaborative international undertaking created in 1994 by Eric Britton and his colleagues at EcoPlan.

Worldwatch Institute is a nonprofit public policy research organization dedicated to informing policymakers and the public about emerging global problems and trends and the complex links between the world economy and its environmental support systems.

Are We Running Out of Oil? L.B. Magoon

The David Suzuki Foundation is one of Canada's leading environmental organizations and pays particular attention to global warming and climate change issues.

Car-Free Housing in European Cities A Survey of Sustainable Residential Development Projects, by Jan Scheurer

RUDI - Resource for Urban Design Information.

How to Build a Village by Claude Lewenz

"Urban Ecology, Innovations in Housing Policy and the Future of Cities: Towards Sustainability in Neighbourhood Communities." Jan Scheurer's PhD Thesis.

"Expansion Induces Traffic" , a page at the Sierra Club about induced traffic.

America's Autos On Welfare Summary of Subsidies

Trees and Vegetation in the Architecture and Planning of High-Density City-Centers

Earth Policy Institute  

Ivan Illich: Energy and Equity full text on line.

Culture Change Committee Against Oil Exploration

Arcosanti: is an urban laboratory in Arizona and a prototype Arcology (architecture for ecology) founded by Paolo Soleri in 1970. Workshoppers and apprentices learn by doing, while constructing Arcosanti.

Methane Madness: A Natural Gas Primer A fairly short, really excellent explanation of the current US natural gas crisis. Essential reading.

Surface Transportation Policy Project ("Transact") works to promote a "diversified transportation system." They also publish the Mean Streets report annually. advocates meaningful climate protection

The Climate Ark is a climate change search space dedicated to promoting public policy that addresses global climate change through reductions in carbon and other emissions, energy conservation, alternative energy sources and ending deforestation.

Earth Policy Institute is dedicated to providing a vision of what an environmentally sustainable economy.

"Sprawl: The Growing Pains of Suburban America" at

Driven to Spend - a report on the costs of sprawl

Bicycle Transportation Alliance promotes bicycling for safer streets, cleaner air, and energy independence.

Environmental Building News is a leading international publication on environmentally sustainable design and construction. The site includes news, feature articles, and many green building product reviews.

"Methadone for Road Hogs" Richard Risemberg in the New Colonist on Zero Emission Vehilces... and why they don't help.

Sustainable Urban Transport Project aims to help cities meet this challenge and achieve their sustainable transport goals, through the dissemination of information about international experience and targeted work with particular cities.

Richard Register on electric cars.

he New Mobility Agenda from Ecoplan

Walk21 exists to champion the development of healthy sustainable and efficient communities where people choose to walk

Swede Track makes innovative proposals for automated overhead people movers.

Dancing Rabbit is an ecovillage in northeast Missouri committed to creating a sustainable village of 500-1000 people. A vehicle co-op is used instead of private cars.

Research & Degrowth is an academic association dedicated to research, training, awareness raising and events organization around degrowth.

Eddyburg is the site of Edoardo Salzano, former mayor of Venice. In Italian, with many links.

Ulrich Nehls - Musik, Autos, Verkehr und Öl

On the Road to Sustainability Transport and Carfree Living in Freiburg (PDF)

Parry People Movers is developing innovative wireless light-rail vehicles

Michigan Land Use Institute published an article on government support for sprawl, which was by no means the inevitable consequence of rising personal incomes.

EcoIQ offers resources for planning the built environment, natural resource conservation and protection, and building sustainable communities.

Energy Information Agency presents the party on energy resources; interesting but possibly not reliable..

Simmons & Company International is an investment bank specializing in oil. Their site provides extensive data on the oil industry.

The Center for a New American Dream Helping individuals and institutions change the way they consume to seeks to protect the environment and enhance quality of life for all.

Southface Energy Institute  

Velo Mondial is a global bike site that includes the Amsterdam Declaration on the rights of cyclists.

Sustainable Energy Coalition  

Urban Ecology Australia is a non profit community group which advocates the building of ecological cities.

Alliance for a Paving Moratorium demonstrates alternatives to sprawl and petroleum dependence while fighting new road construction.

The Political Economy of Terror oil shortages and violence in Saudi Arabia

The Thunderhead Alliance is a coalition of state and local bicycle advocacy groups.

Auto-Free Orange County is an Orange County, California volunteer organization helping people develop less car-dependent lifestyles and more pedestrian-friendly communities.

The Greenway is working to provide a safe, clean, aesthetic, and enjoyable place for people of all ages to ride a bicycle all year round.

Eco-Portal is a search engine devoted to ecological topics.

World Environment is an environmental portal.

EcoTopia USA is dedicated to a sustainable future.

EcoWorld offers environmental information in seven different categories: air, water, earth, plants, animals and people covering key global environmental issues, species/ecosystem profiles, and projects pertaining to each earth category.

Northwest Environment Watch s a non-profit organization that aims to foster a sustainable economy and way of life in the Pacific Northwest.

World Carshare Consortium was set up under The Commons in early 1998 as a free, cooperative international information sharing and communications program in support of carsharing projects worldwide.

Levego is Hungary's Clean Air Action Group Synergistic Transformation Institute

"Our Quality of Life Peaked in 1974 : It's All Downhill Now: We will pay the price for believing the world has infinite resources," by George Monbiot.

Oil Peaks has information on peak oil and responses to it

New Urban Home The New Urban Home is a sustainable, fleible, and creative solution to individualized contemporary living.

Car Wars : The US Economy Needs Oil Like a Junkie Needs Heroin - And Iraq Will Supply Its Next Fix .

Projects International is working to integrate Education for Sustainability into English language classrooms around the world.

Main Street Pedicab is a builder of modern pedicabs.

Information for Action is a volunteer project to make environmental information more widely available.

Energie-Cités The Association of European local authorities promoting a local sustainable energy policy.

National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education and the Environmental Finance Center is believed to be the world's largest environmental portal.

Velomobile information

The Participatory City Innovations in the European Union (including a brief history of the carfree movement)

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