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World Carfree Network , the hub of the global carfree movement.

Ulrich Nehls - Musik, Autos, Verkehr und Öl

Car-Free France (portal site)

Greenways Travel Club in the Czech Republic

Autofreie Stadt blog (German)

GWL Terrein in Amsterdam, a 600-unit carfree project (in Dutch only)

Portal Ecológico do GAIA está temporáriamente offline por motivos de segurança cibernáutica.

Greek activist group working on pedestrian rights

BSO Bundeskoordination Studentischer Ökologiearbeit

Levego is Hungary's Clean Air Action Group

umverkehR Zukunft ink.

Car Free Russia  

Obywatelski Ruch Ekologiczny 22 wrzesnia

22 September in Switzerland

The green version about the city transport situation in general and in our city, Nizhniy Novgorod

Nadace Partnerstvi in the Czech Republic

Budapest Korzo promotes Ciclovia in Budapest

European Greenways Association Sustaining the future on the past

Afriwheels is trying to bring bikes to Africa

rede ciclável de Lisboa is a bicycling advocacy group in Lisbon Turkey

Bicycle-Friendly Berkeley Coalition is the Bicycle-Friendly Berkeley Coalition. Our mission is to make Berkeley a more bicycle-friendly city

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