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Carfree Cities - the web site that goes with the book. Carfree Cities proposes a delightful solution to the vexing problem of urban automobiles.

Intbau international network for traditional building arts and urbanism.

The Victoria Transport Policy Instiute is an independent research organization developing innovative strategies for efficient and equitable transportation. Dozens of reports are available on full cost accounting, transportation demand management, pavement reduction, transit, bicycling, walking, and traffic calming. Their Online TDM Encyclopedia offers a comprehensive resource for transportation demand management planning and analysis.

ITDP Institute for Transportation & Development Policy

Free Public Transit Everyone benefits - Everyone pays If public transit were free, more people would use it.

World Carfree Network , the hub of the global carfree movement.

The Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment is an educational charity established by The Prince of Wales to teach and demonstrate in practice those principles of traditional urban design and architecture which put people and the communities of which they are part at the centre of the design process.

UrbEd (Urban and Economic Development Group) is a leading independent research and consultancy firm specialising in the fields of urban regeneration, local economic development, sustainability and urban design.

International Making Cities Livable seeks to strengthen community by creating viable public places for social life in our cities will reduce anonymity, and increase grassroots democracy by returning to compact, mixed use cities based on walking, cycling, and public transport.

The Institute for Transportation & Development Policy promotes environmentally sustainable and equitable transportation policies and projects worldwide.

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy is a leading resource for key issues concerning the use, regulation, and taxation of land.

Katarxis On Contemporary Traditional Architecture and Urbanism, a new webzine dedicated exclusively to classical and traditional architecture and urbanism.

European Youth For(est) Action is working hard to reduce the burden of traffic in Europe.

Car-Free Development by Lloyd Wright, from GTZ

Earth Trends , the environmental information portal from World Resources Institute

EcoPlan International is an independent consulting and advisory group working with business and governments on projects, plans, and problems which are marked by rapid technological or environmental change. Founded in 1967, the work of the group is interdisciplinary and international. Assignments are more oriented to decision support than research per se. Also includes The Commons, a collaborative international undertaking created in 1994 by Eric Britton and his colleagues at EcoPlan.

Worldwatch Institute is a nonprofit public policy research organization dedicated to informing policymakers and the public about emerging global problems and trends and the complex links between the world economy and its environmental support systems.

Christopher Alexander's site on A Pattern Language. Alexander at his usual brilliant self.

Urban Data supports the circulation of technical and cultural scientific information; the publication of electronic data products; training, co-operation and exchanges between the members; the development of projects and actions through relationships with national, European, and international institutions.

The David Suzuki Foundation is one of Canada's leading environmental organizations and pays particular attention to global warming and climate change issues.

Shedding Light on Alienation in the Public Realm : The case for more humane lighting of city streets.

A Vision of Europe Architecture and a human approach for the European city - how to develop new, acceptable models for urban living.

Myths of Light Rail - Dissected

Congress for the New Urbanism  

"Expansion Induces Traffic" , a page at the Sierra Club about induced traffic.

America's Autos On Welfare Summary of Subsidies

Highway and Sprawlbusters at the Sierra Club - a page about reining in cars and limiting sprawl.

Earth Policy Institute  

The International Lightrail Network provides information on light rail systems from a northern European perspective

Culture Change Committee Against Oil Exploration

The Preservation Institute includes links to transportation and development politics on the Web. Listed are groups working to limit the automobile, stop urban sprawl, and build ecologically sound cities.

Walk to School in the UK advocates meaningful climate protection

Earth Policy Institute is dedicated to providing a vision of what an environmentally sustainable economy.

National Council for Science and the Environment The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) has been working since 1990 to improve the scientific basis for environmental decisionmaking. NCSE is supported by nearly 500 academic, scientific, environmental, and business organizations.

Driven to Spend - a report on the costs of sprawl

Bicycle Transportation Alliance promotes bicycling for safer streets, cleaner air, and energy independence.

PEZEE The movement for the protection of pedestrian rights in Athens

Freesources from World Carfree Network

The Seaside Institute is the cultural center of the town of Seaside, Florida, and supports improved community planning

Walkable Communities, Inc. is a non-profit corporation organized to help communities of whatever size to become more walkable and pedestrian friendly.

Sustainable Urban Transport Project aims to help cities meet this challenge and achieve their sustainable transport goals, through the dissemination of information about international experience and targeted work with particular cities.

International Bike Fund promotes sustainable transport and international understanding

Center for Green Space Design providing training and assistance for those planning green space.

Sprawl Kills is an indictment of US sprawl development.

Car Busters Magazine helps to unite, build, and maintain the international car-free movement, and to inform, motivate, publicize and empower all groups and individuals fighting against the car's dominance and destructiveness.

National Charrette Institute is a nonprofit educational institution that helps communities achieve healthy transformation using the charrette process.

On the Road to Sustainability Transport and Carfree Living in Freiburg (PDF)

Eddyburg is the site of Edoardo Salzano, former mayor of Venice. In Italian, with many links.

Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market Community - Culture - Ecology

Terrorism, Transit and Public Safety from VTPI

Charter of the Global Greens Defining what it means to be Green in the new millennium. (Warning: PDF)

The Center for a New American Dream Helping individuals and institutions change the way they consume to seeks to protect the environment and enhance quality of life for all.

Velo Mondial is a global bike site that includes the Amsterdam Declaration on the rights of cyclists.

Urban Ecology Australia is a non profit community group which advocates the building of ecological cities.

Car-Free France (portal site)

The Pew Center on Global Climate Change is a non-profit, non-partisan and independent organization dedicated to providing credible information, straight answers and innovative solutions in the effort to address global climate change.

Center for Clean Air Policy was established in 1985 by a group of bipartisan state governors, to develop and promote innovative policy solutions to energy and environmental problems.

Pew Center for Civic Journalism is an incubator for civic journalism that works to re-engage people in public life.

COST Transport and the COST 339 initiative for small Euro-container standard.

NETS - Network for Soft Mobility in European Tourism integrates partners of tourism- transport, and environmental organizations. NETS partners seek to improve the quality of vacations and environmental quality while raising the standard of living for guests and locals.

Public Spaces How They Humanize Cities [PDF]

The Earth Charter Initiative publishes the Earth Charter, a set of guidelines for a sustainable society.

GWL Terrein in Amsterdam, a 600-unit carfree project (in Dutch only)

Twelve Anti-Transit Myths: A Conservative Critique [PDF]

Netzkraft Movement is a multidisciplinary international network of currently 1000 organizations throughout the world who are socially, politically, ecologically or spiritually involved

Kevin Karplus maintains a large list of useful transportation, bicycle, and urban planning links.

Walk + Roll Cleveland encourages people to walk and bicycle in their daily lives.

Green and smart is the idea that public transport and walking are viable and sustainable modes of transport, and the lack of information is a significant impediment.

World Bank Group Urban Transport Strategy Review. "Urban sprawl is likely to increase to the detriment of public transport, reducing accessibility and services for the poor. The World Bank's Urban Transport Strategy Review will prepare for this challenge."

Greenways Travel Club in the Czech Republic

Portal Ecológico do GAIA está temporáriamente offline por motivos de segurança cibernáutica.

World Carshare Consortium was set up under The Commons in early 1998 as a free, cooperative international information sharing and communications program in support of carsharing projects worldwide.

Northwest Environment Watch s a non-profit organization that aims to foster a sustainable economy and way of life in the Pacific Northwest. Synergistic Transformation Institute

Velomobile information

Afriwheels is trying to bring bikes to Africa

Transportation for a Livable City works to create more livable neighborhoods, where walking, bicycling, and transit are the best choices for most trips, and where housing is more plentiful and more affordable.

European Greenways Association Sustaining the future on the past

Information for Action is a volunteer project to make environmental information more widely available.

Energie-Cités The Association of European local authorities promoting a local sustainable energy policy.

CarFree Walks Walking in the UK without a car

Active Living Leadership supports government leaders as they create and promote policies, programs and places that enable active living to improve the health, well-being and vitality of communities.

The Carfree Database contains data of the carfree communting behavior and car ownership rates for all communities in the United States

Center for Balanced Development is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing resources, providing services, and building networks that foster global balance in society by promoting unity, in individuals by bringing out human potential, in ecology by preserving our natural resources, and in economy by incorporating relations in development.

Rainforest Portal Search, Inform, Debate, Act

New Internationalist Magazine The people, the ideas, the action in the fight for global justice

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